Message from the Board of Directors

Lakeside Village MHP for sale home sound 55+


Because of our concern for Sandi’s health and safety as well as the health and well-being of ALL of our Lakeside neighbors, the Board of Directors has made a few changes to the way we will operate until we are confident that the danger of the Covid-19 has passed.

  • The office will be closed.
  • We have forwarded the calls from the office to Sandi’s home number so that she can answer the office phone calls from her home. 
  • We have asked Kory not to work “on-site” since he comes in contact with a great many people from all of the communities he manages. He will, of course, be available to us by phone or email (see below) and will be on-site if necessary for emergencies.
  • If you usually mail your payment directly to Lakeside or drop your monthly payment in the mail slot……We are asking EVERYONE to mail monthly payments directly to our lockbox at Seacoast bank.  This is the address that is on your payment coupon (see below). The bank will process the checks and deposit the money directly into our Lakeside account.  PLEASE! This is important – no one will be in our Lakeside Village office to receive and process your monthly payment and we still need to pay our bills.

PLEASE understand that this is being done for everyone’s well-being and that we need everyone’s cooperation.

If you have ANY questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact any of the board members.

Please bear in mind that all of your board members are doing their best to manage this unprecedented situation. We would appreciate everyone’s cooperation and understanding in maintaining a positive attitude and supporting our decisions.

Lakeside Village MHP

C/O Seacoast Bank

PO Box 165828

Miami, FL  33116



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